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finally updating

angels is fun and tiring and i'm SUPER EXCITED FOR BOA!!!!yess
working on the weekends blows but whatever.
school is ok i guess.found out my class rank and it's not too good compared to everyone else who seems to be in the top hundred and those were the people who were worrying the most.i told my dad i was screwed for college b/c i am nowhere near top 10.try top 40 or yeah,i'm trying really hard not to let that bother me but it is.i like that i'm busy all the time but sometimes i just want to sit and do nothing ya know?mercer practice went really well this morning except for when i completely messed up one of my sets and went through the wrong diagonal for about 3 counts and then switched over.i hate when i make dumb mistakes like that b/c then it makes me look bad and buh,i just hate when i'm corrected for doing really stupid things.
the football team won last night so yay for them!LET'S BE VICTORIOUS!!!hahaaha..what a grand cheer.
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