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what the 30 min ago someone rang the doorbell and stormed off leaving a note.i couldn't tell what it said b/c the handwriting was really messy so my mom called the fort bend cops b/c i mean,it could have said anything.we weren't going to see what it said b/c someone could have been waiting for us to come out the cop showed up and read the note and it said "you just got a ding dong ditch"..oh yeah,with a heart on the freaking lame is that?so i'm guessing it's either one of my friends or some random person who saw my angels sign with my name on it.ahhh whoever did that truely scared the crap out of me and i don't like it one bit.i forgot to mention that they left a ding dong for us to eat haha there's no way i would touch that,ding dongs are gross.
so that's my exciting story for the day.
had to work until 930 tonight and those freaking kids were insane.the situation doesn't help when the person you are working with can't control kids what so ever,can't tie a damn trash bag,can't mop,can't vaccuum without getting freaked out over a stupid little bug that "could kill her".Talk about weird.Well,maybe I'm the weird one for freaking out over some dumb note..
3 birthday parties tomorrow....yay.
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